Autism Alignment
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Creating A Hopeful Future

Being a parent of a child with Autism at any age comes with challenges. Our Parenting Guides aim to provide valuable assistance to parents of children with autism, across multiple age ranges. These guides offer practical strategies, tips, and advice to help navigate unique challenges and ensure a stronger connection with you and your kiddos!

Handling Headbanging In Children With Autism

Video Games

Managing Autism & Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling)

Going To The Dentist

Empowering Parents: Dealing With Bullying

A Guide To Potty Training

Understanding Autism Sensory Issues

Tips for Non-Verbal Communication

All About Stimming

How to Approach Death and Grieving

Handling Meltdowns

Feeding/Eating Problems in Children with Autism

Autism and Sleep Disorders

Autism And OCD

Autism And ADHD

Art Therapy Activities